Hustle + Heart Will Set You Apart

15 Delanie Cham

"I feel 100% supported."

The personal development tools have been life changing for me! I am discovering who I am instead of who I feel others expect me to be, I am happier, my relationship with my spouse is stronger and I feel 100% supported if I need help in my business or even in my personal life.

-Delanie Cham

14 Amanda Strong

"Gave me huge self confidence."

Everyone is super supportive and creative and always looking for another Challenge in life. We are all on this adventure together and it feels truly amazing. LLD has given me the ability to make my dreams come to a reality.

-Amanda Strong

13 – Laura

"LLD has changed my lookout."

LLD is the New Years resolution that lasts a life time ~ mind, body, spirit, health, lifestyle, and business.

-Laura Milne


"Make a difference"

I think the most important aspect of LLD is It provides me with a vehicle to make a difference in so many peoples lives.

-Cheryl MacLellan

11 – Kate

"I've taken control of my health."

With the support of these inspiring women and entrepreneurs I've taken control of my health, my career and created so much more than I'd ever dreamed possible.

-Kate Clarke

10 – Stacey

"Future filled with abundance."

Luscious Life Design has completely transformed the trajectory of my life. I never even considered the option of building a business through network marketing! Making the choice to say yes has given me a future filled with abundance in every way possible.

-Stacey Trottier-Mousseau

9 – ANdrea McKee

"Empowering and inspirational."

Working with a group of like minded individuals has been both empowering and inspirational. The nutritive supplements are just an added bonus!

-Andrea McKee

8 – Andrea

"Brought me closer to my truest self."

LLD has made me more self-aware, more confident, more present in the now, and more kick-ass in every aspect of my life, especially as a woman and a mother with gorgeous, guilt-free visions and goals for MY life.

-Andrea Lavery

7 – Michelle Wong

"Support is HUGE!"

The caliber of the LLD community is a cut above. I'm part of other communities and groups but LLD is one that really offers the whole package. I have access to business ideas, mindset, accountability, advice/insights, collaboration, coaching, and the FB group is the perfect place to go when I need a kick in the butt!

-Michelle Wong

6 – Carmel

"If it wasn't for LLD I would have quit."

LLD has been the community that has bridged the gap between me being a wannabe entrepreneur to actually being one. I say to people all the time; if it wasn't for LLD I would have quit being a Health and Life Coach 1,000 times.

-Carmel Mansfield

5 – Chantal

"There is a better way & Luscious Life Design is it."

Luscious Life Design has shown me a much more "big picture" way of helping people with their health, of financial independence, of the power of collaboration & the GROWTH that goes hand-in-hand with it.

-Chantal Kowalski

4 – Roni

"Given me the confidence."

Luscious Life Design has given me the confidence and inspiration to be myself. To settle deeply into my authentic self, and know that I am supported for who I am, feel safe while I take risks and inspire others to step into their greatness.

-Roni-Leigh LeRue

3 – Hillary

"I am so grateful!"

Luscious Life Design is an inspiring group of passionate individuals who have helped me grow personally and professionally. Collaborating with this team has changed my business, my family freedom, and my future and I am so grateful!

-Hillary Schilling

2 Sarah Hare

"MASSIVE viewpoint shifting."

I always thought I would and could NEVER have even an OUNCE of Entrepreneurial spirit within me. With the support, fun, and MASSIVE viewpoint shifting I have gotten as a member of Luscious Life Design, I've discovered that ALL I have is an Entrepreneurial spirit!!

-Sarah Hare


"Radically changed my life."

A partnership with LLD has radically changed my life in every single area. I now have the tools, means, support and love to fuel me in everything I do. It's allowed me to create true freedom for myself and my family, open so many doors and endless opportunities.

-Lindsay Umlah

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