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How to fall in love with Marketing

How to fall in love with Marketing

If you are here with me today, it means that you are either a trusty reader, who is always looking to read what Yours Truly is going to share on a set day. If that’s the case, I thank you dearly! Otherwise, you are a newbie (welcome to you my dearest) and you are willing to fall in love with marketing. And I mean falling in love the hard way. Like bunch of roses and diamond ring. Like bending down on one knee.

How can you be a ‘marketing ninja’ by being a wellness entrepreneur?

When I was younger, I did not understand the importance of marketing. It just felt like a constant, never-ending sales pitch on large scale. I imagined bold men with sweaty hands going around with leaflets begging me to buy their products. Not really the SEXIEST image ever. I had to reframed my concept of what marketing is.

The change was massive in impact, but required just three simple mindset shifts.

 Mindset Shift No. 1. Networking vs. Connecting

You see, marketing it’s not about going in every single Facebook group and post about your upcoming detox program. Like everything in business, it’s about creating a real connection with people. Let people fall in love with you. I promise you will see them again at your door very soon, with a jug of smoothie in their hand preferably.

Mindset Shift No. 2. The Elevator vs. Elevate Them

Back in the day when I was working for tech companies and agencies, I was told about the importance of having an “elevator speech” — a pitch that you can make to a potential client or other connection. Its purpose is to give the other person an understanding of not only what you do, but how they might use or refer your business. However, the focus here is only on YOU. What you want to create is a speech that not only talks to your potential clients, but it’s all revolving our how you can help THEM.

The Mindset Shift No. 3. Selling vs. Serving

Another mind-altering marketing trick is to rethink your concept of sales, and replace it instead with SERVICE. Practically speaking, every time you’re engaging with a potential client, you are probably trying to close “a sale” (you know what I am talking about, right?). And we come back to the itchy feeling of selling. So, let’s stop that. Instead of simply focusing on the sale, remember that you’re here to serve. Every time you connect with a future client, you’re experiencing an opportunity to serve your community. Remember the root word in what you do, and you’ll transform into a more confident deal closer.

Are you ready then to take the leap, fall in love with marketing, and be happily ever after?

I bet you do. To master your “marketing,” shift your mindset, and everything will simply follow. If you are looking for some help along the way, please let me be your cheerleader. It’s going to be great fun – I’ll bring the pompoms.

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