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Why believing in myself helped create the reality I want

Why believing in myself helped create the reality I want

In grade 1 the teacher thought I couldn’t read so I was put into a special needs class until I got into grade 5. In grade 7 my science teacher told my mom I didn’t have potential. In grade 12 my math teacher told my parents I was not as smart as my sister. As well, when I went to get my transcripts to send away to university the secretary laughed and told me to my face my grades would never get me into university.

From an early age at school I was told I was not as capable as other students. Sadly, over time and the more I was judged by my teachers and other people it started to have an affect on my confidence as a person. I went through school with little confidence, and I think that’s partly why I was an easy target for judgement. Sure, it could have been a lot worse but for me it made me feel pretty crappy. I eventually got to the state of mind where I didn’t think I was any good at anything.

It took me a long time to change my mind about that. During my twenties, I gained a lot of real world experience outside of school and I learned more about myself. I learned that I was very capable of achieving anything I really wanted. So, it was never a matter of my ability, rather it was a matter of my willingness. The desire to do better for myself. I knew I was capable because each time I was beaten down in school I always proved that I was more than what those teachers thought. I can still see the looks on their faces when I did things they didn’t think I was capable of. Getting the best grades in the class, being very proactive and engaging, just generally trying produced results. A little effort made a big difference and it made me feel good.

But the lingering thoughts of inferiority always crept back in. Throughout the rest of my school career, and in my personal life there was always a deep feeling of defeat and my philosophy became this; what’s the point in trying if I know I’m going to fail.

It took a long time to get my mind out of thinking this way, but during a few very tough times that tested me more than anything else I knew that my life wasn’t going to get better until I changed it myself. Which really meant believing in myself more.

During my mid to late 20’s I started learning more about who I was and what I was really capable of, I was able to disconnect from the school system where I spent the last 16 years learning that in order to succeed in society I needed to become a certain person – the status quo.

I had many experiences, met many different kinds of people, learned how to become more confident with myself and embrace who I was rather than hold on to this image that other people had for me. Getting past that was challenging, but with anything that is challenging, there is usually a big reward for taking it on. I feel as though the greater things in my life are because of taking on those challenges, and I can say that the person I am now is a far cry from who I used to be.

I think everyone has their own personal challenges, things that they can take on to really more forward in their life. I’m sure everyone’s is very different but have the same general principal. Work hard on yourself and life will reward you. To quote Albert Einstein:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is too it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. It is physics.”

I changed my frequency or in other words the way I view myself and the world. It’s easy to let negativity overwhelm our minds, make us think fear based thoughts about ourselves, others, and the world. Nothing is perfect and there will always be outside influences but I can tell you the less and less you allow them to have an affect on you and your beliefs, the more reality will start to work in your favor.

16 years in the education system taught me a lot about practical things, and very little about how to succeed as a unique individual. That is part of the reason why I chose to become an entrepreneur, I have the freedom to explore myself and learn how to develop a successful belief system. Which in turn helps my business to succeed. In business I know there will always be outside factors which will challenge me, but I also know one things is for sure; the stronger my belief in myself is the more I will create the reality myself and my business will thrive in.

It’s not philosophy, it’s physics.

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