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High Vibe Project

High Vibe Project

If you’ve been following Luscious Life Design for a while, you’d know it’s no secret we are highly dedicated to uplifting the vibes of as many people as possible. We do this via various forms such as mentorship, nutrition advice, bringing awareness to self-love, collaborating with fierce go-getter’s from all over the globe, as well as offering a handful of fabulous easy-to-follow lifestyle programs. One of our most favoured coaching programs is the High Vibe Project which has been changing lives all over the world, but not only that, the results our clients achieve are long lasting and FUN!

Simply put, we focus on raising our vibrations & energy and nourishing our bodies, hearts, and spirits ♥ We cover all aspects leading to a happy lifestyle in a non-intimidating manner and we’re certain you’ll love it.

The High Vibe Project is a 30-day lifestyle and emotional overhaul that challenges you to choose daily activities to raise your vibe, declutter your spirit and body, enjoy nutritious food and move your body in a way that feels best to you. The goal is to pave the way to manifest the healthiest version of ourselves.

In your package you will receive the following:
♥ Access to 24-hour support and motivation in our vibrant private global Facebook group, led by a team of passionate holistic nutritionists and health coaches
♥ A gorgeous High Vibe Project program guide (includes affirmations, whole food recipes, daily cleanse checklists, fitness challenges, and a recommended grocery list)
♥ Antioxidant rich Multivitamin/Mineral formula to boost our health from ‘good’ to ‘optimal’ so you feel fabulous
♥ A gentle, effective liver support formula to help reclaim your radiance by safely detoxing the junk and promoting glowing skin and energy
♥ Probiotics (a dairy and sugar free probiotic to help promote healthy intestinal flora aka ‘good bacteria’)
♥ An organic, vegan blend of essential fatty acid’s to support brain, cardiovascular and overall health. Just drizzle this power-house omega oil in your smoothies or salad dressings and you’re good to go!
(all products are Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Friendly)

High Vibe

So let’s do a little re-cap, shall we?
• 30 days
• Personal coaching and support, plus your gorgeous High Vibe program guide to keep you on track
• Top rated supplements carefully chosen by expert health coaches
• Nourishing whole food recipes (that are super simple to make and totally delicious)!
• Increased Self-Love
• Increased Energy
• and just some plain old fun!

The 30 day High Vibe project is only $151.35 CDN (plus tax & shipping).
We ship to 19 different countries so please get in touch with the High Vibe Ambassador who referred you to our program for pricing in your country, or email us at

This program is sure to put you on the right track to a healthy and vibrant new journey.

Sounds good, right?
We invite you and your friends to participate with us while together we have fun clearing the “Ugh!” out of your body, mind and life and we cannot wait to support you!

PS Don’t forget to check out our hashtag #HighVibeProject to see what we’re up to and if you’d like to become a High Vibe Ambassador please email us to find out how!

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