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Introducing the Luscious Life Mala!

Introducing the Luscious Life Mala!

The wonderful Luscious Life Design team is always on the hunt for ways to bring beauty and balance to as many lives as possible. We are avid promoters of good vibes, positivity, and simply making this world the most beautiful place it can be.

To us, sharing a partnership with a talented and soulful jewelry designer not only meant we could offer a pretty necklace to our followers, but it also showcases all we represent as a high vibe group: confidence, love, passion, self-expression, and radiance from the inside out.

So, in collaboration with Brittany Kelly of Indie Bliss I am so excited to share with everyone our creation: the Luscious Life Mala!

This mala was carefully crafted with handpicked gems. It’s been blessed, cleansed and empowered through Bio Energy Healing so it does not need to be cleansed before wearing. You can simply put it on and instantly tap into its energetic powers.

mala promo

What’s the significant of this necklace?

This mala brings forth all the energy you need to express your most elevated self, live an abundant luscious life and is the perfect reminder to unapologetically share your vision and walk your talk.

It symbolizes a time to be honest with yourself, as much will be gained when you become still and see yourself as you truly are…Radiant!

As you become more grounded and learn to trust your intuition, your creativity and self-expression will radiate, helping you to become aware of your goals and ambitions and support you in achieving them with ease and grace.

This gorgeous Luscious Life Mala ensures to bring confidence and joy to those who bask in its energy.

LLD mala- closeup

Guru | Fuchsia Brazilian Agate
Gems | White Jade • Pink Peach Jade • Turquoise
Length (top-bottom) approx 18″

Affirmation | • I am limitless •

We couldn’t be happier to share this soulful piece with you. If you’d like to be the proud owner of your very own Luscious Life Mala, head to Brittany’s Etsy store. With each purchase a donation is made to the wonderful USANA True Health Foundation which is a foundation near and dear to our hearts <3

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