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Staying Focused & Productive In A World Of Distractions

Staying Focused & Productive In A World Of Distractions


It’s no secret – we’re bombarded and stimulated on a second to second basis. So, it’s no wonder that one of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients and peers is: “I can never seem to get it all done.”

I realize the art of staying focused has fizzled away for many of us, however with a few simple techniques and dedicated discipline we can reclaim those scattered thoughts and celebrate our productivity. Below are a few ways I’ve managed to increase my focus, fast-track my productivity and results, and gain control over my life and business so I can truly enjoy a freedom based lifestyle.


Decisions, decisions. I believe the foundation of getting it all done and accomplishing our goals is first DECIDING. Until you make a concrete decision (this applies to every area of our lives), you’ll likely float around in limbo aimlessly, allowing distractions to sweep you away. Ask yourself: Am I more committed to excuses or results? (Secret: You cannot have both!). Once you’ve decided you’re more committed to results and productivity, all those excuses are irrelevant.


Power Hours. Thanks to my mentor Darren Hardy (the productivity King), I’ve successfully implemented Power Hours into my daily routine. While this concept may sound trivial, it’s actually much more powerful than you can imagine. Here’s what you do: depending on your goals and what your schedule will allow, carve out an hour where absolutely zero interruptions are allowed. Decide what your top priority is, set a timer for 60 minutes, and FOCUS on the task at hand. Shut down FB. Put your phone away. Tuck yourself in a quiet setting and get to it. No excuses. {When I first started my Power Hours – I remember how painful it was. Five minutes in and I could have sworn I was nearing the one hour mark…But I kept at it and disciplined myself. These days, I can get more done in just one Power Hour than I previously could in an entire day}.


Say NO to notifications. It was about two years ago that I turned my cell phone ringer off, and it’s been on silence ever since. In fact, I have zero notifications that bombard my phone. If you tag me on Facebook, Instagram, email me…I’ll have no idea until I deliberately check said platforms. I have a busy online business and my poor adrenals simply couldn’t handle the non-stop action of dinging and alerts on my cell phone. This one simple action has created so much brain space for myself!


Declutter. Create space by decluttering your physical surrounding, as well as your mental and emotional bandwidth. Having an abundance of ‘stuff’ bogs you down and literally blocks the energetic flow and ease coming your way which makes it super hard to focus and concentrate. I regularly check my surroundings to see what I can get rid of or donate, as well as do an internal check-in to see if certain people or activities may be leaking my energy. The more you practice this, the quicker you can acknowledge what has to go so you can get back to focusing on the important stuff.


Systemize your stuff. Create and leverage systems as much as you can to simplify your life and business. For example: It’s embarrassing how long I went before I invested in an online scheduling system – but for the $10 a month – OMG my life is changed. Instead of constant back and forth email tag (which sucks up so much time and energy), I can easily send a link to my calendar and have clients book at a time that’s best suited for them. I’m always seeking to be more efficient and productive, so I find ways to streamline, duplicate, and leverage wherever possible. It may take a little more effort in the beginning, but once you’ve got your systems in place your business/life have the freedom to run like a well-oiled machine. {When I first got my business running, I sought after mentors who were living a lifestyle that I was striving for and asked questions. What platforms did they use? Who did they hire to help them create systems? What were their top tips for making life and business easier/more productive? There are some fabulous mentors out there and I highly suggest you utilize them}.


If you’re like me and freedom and ease are deeply important to you, I hope you find my tips valuable in boosting your overall productivity – so you can get it all done like an efficient rock star!



Stephanie Packer is a Holistic Entrepreneur + Mentor who thrives off helping you up-level your life and biz. With her blended passions of holistic nutrition, self-care, smart business strategies and her extreme dedication to showing you how to play big, she’s your go-to girl for creating a beautifully abundant and health-focused empire.

You can find Steph sharing her favourite tips and insights on Instagram @LusciousLifeDesign or Facebook.

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