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Self-Care Society

Self-Care Society

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Hello lovely, thanks for stopping by.


We invite you to join our Self-Care Society; a beautiful community dedicated to guiding women worldwide to be their best, feel + look absolutely radiant & create precious space for themselves.


If you’re ready to carve out a self-care plan that fuels your body, mind, spirit, relationships & beyond, welcome to the Self-Care Society. We’re so happy to have you💗


What makes the Self-Care Society so special?

We’ll be covering all elements to support a healthy, happy, and holistic self-care plan, such as;


•Simple, vibrant nutrition
•At-home spa pampering
•Detoxing your personal energy, home, relationships, and beyond
•Body movement + fitness
•Beauty sleep
•Plus so much more…


We’ve crafted the perfect self-care toolkit just for you. You will LOVE it. It’s filled with amazing products, reminders and support so you can thrive in self-love.



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What’s included in your Self-Care Toolkit?

Just to name a few things…


•We’re giving you 3 of our favourite products to pamper yourself. Bring the spa to you and create your own sanctuary; a gorgeous face masque, an exfoliation scrub, and a beautiful night time cream

•An eBook giving you over 100 tips + ideas for self-care

•The #1 rated nutritional supplement to fuel your cells + provide boundless energy so you can tackle your day, balance your mood, and radiate a gorgeous healthy glow

•A weekly self-care planner to help you create (and stick to) your perfect self-care plan

Weekly Facebook Live calls from our skilled and knowledgeable coaches on a variety of topics (we’ve got life coaches, holistic nutritionists, lifestyle mentors, reiki masters, yoga teachers, etc.)

•A gentle, safe and effective melatonin supplement for a deep, restorative beauty sleep

Support, support, support! We’ve made self-care a non-negotiable priority in our lives and are thrilled to support you to do the same


Your Self-Care Toolkit will be shipped directly to your house, and you’ll be added to our private Self-Care Community Facebook group. You’ll receive endless support, ideas and tips each day to ensure you’re well on your way to sustainable, simple and lifelong habits for filling your cup up and making your happiness a priority.


The investment for your kit (products last 3-5 months), coaching, lifetime access to the Self-Care Society, plus so much more…


$169.95 CDN + tax & shipping
$138.75 USD + tax & shipping
(We ship to 20 countries so please inquire for your pricing)


Ready to make self-care a priority once and for all? We can’t wait to help you shine!

Register or request more information by contacting the Self-Care Coach who invited you to join us.

We look forward to supporting you on this beautiful journey that is transforming lives across the globe.




“Self-care is never a selfish act – it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on the earth to offer to others.”
-Parker Palmer

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