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About Us

Luscious Life Design is a group of radiant individuals with a variety of skill sets.


We are highly dedicated to inspiring others to take their health & lives to the next level and far beyond their wildest dreams.

We are all in alignment with living a wealthy, healthy lifestyle, full of FREEDOM ~ and our mission is to show you how to follow suit.


When you surround yourself with a positive wellness posse such as LLD, life just feels more fun, exciting, and filled with abundant flow: The way it’s meant to be.

You’re inspired to burst through your comfort zone and ignite parts of you that normally would go un-ventured. This in turn spirals you into a brand new journey of incredible personal growth.


What a freeing feeling it is to know you’re bettering yourself to better the world.


We also firmly believe that in order to live on purpose, you must serve from a place that’s true and authentic to you.

We completely embrace this mindset and help you seamlessly integrate our business platform into what you’re already doing. This not only enhances your coaching but takes it to levels you didn’t think were possible.

We understand you have a soulful message to spread, and with our powerful network we help take that message to a global scale and get it in the hands of those that need you most.


We adore helping you create a ripple effect.


How do we do it?


To make this all possible, we have personally chosen to partner with the world’s leading, first in-class nutritional science company as a platform to which we deliver our message to the masses to make the biggest impact imaginable.

By using our proven, plug-n-play system, you’re ready to launch into a profitable, meaningful biz right from the get-go.


Also, by using and sharing our favourite products, you’re now a magnetic billboard of vibrant health, which hey, who doesn’t want that?

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re highly committed to your success, because quite truthfully, our success depends on your success.


Because of this you’ll receive multiple mentors who want to help you THRIVE and assist in setting delicious, bold goals with you to super accelerate your new journey. Win-win!

Sounds divine, right? If you’re getting the intuitive nudge to jump on board with us and explore a fabulous new lifestyle dedicated to freedom all while teaching others how to do the same, we’d love to hear from you today!


In radiant health, blissful abundance & gorgeous freedom,
~Your Luscious Life Leaders


Christa Realba is a dream building power house, who is fired up and dedicated to helping you shine your light! Get ready to create an incredible life and a thriving business. You can find Christa teaching yoga, speaking on stages internationally and inspiring the masses online through her global community.

Carmel Mansfield

Carmel has a passion for all things health and wellbeing and for lifestyle that exudes freedom. Since November 2012 she has been on her own health journey which has had it\’s ups and downs, as any good journey does. She also believes that whatever she is teaching, is actually something that she is learning most at that time. A year into this journey she is very excited to share what she has learnt and inspire others to live their best, bravest, most beautiful life.

Stephanie Packer

Stephanie is a huge advocate in helping you boost your energy levels high so you can go from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’ in all areas of your life. She adores teaching others how to fuel themselves with a vibrant diet and positive mindset techniques to feel their absolute best, which naturally encourages a more confident attitude and a life filled with ease.

Nadine Robichaud

Nadine Robichaud is a 15-year veteran in the spa industry. She has focused her spa treatment based on Ayurveda (the sister to yoga) as a Skin Care Specialist, Reiki Master/Teacher and Lifestyle Coach. Mentoring individuals in the spa industry and her clients, she helps people build relationships and guides them to create positive change. She enjoys the opportunity to know people from all walks of life and has treated everyone from university students to Oscar-winning actors.
Nadine has created workshops on Ayurveda and Reiki, and co-created Feeding the Chakras and Freedom Spirit programs. She is a wife, foodie, entrepreneur, blogger, and water aerobics.

Lindsay Umlah

Lindsay is a Nutritionista, Luscious Life Leader and Yoga Teacher hungry to help you design and live your best life.
She uses her knowledge, passion and story to motivate and inspire as many individuals as she can, to reach out and claim their health, and take their lives back into their hands.

Gorete Almeida

Gorete studied Kinesiology at the University of Guelph and completed a M.Sc. Ergonomics in England. She is certified holistic lifestyle coach, nutritionist (CNE), award-winning salsa dancer, international fitness presenter and accomplished instructor with over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Gorete enjoys what she does everyday and is ignited by helping others live healthy, happy, abundant lives!



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