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Self-Care Society

  Hello lovely, thanks for stopping by.   We invite you to join our Self-Care Society; a beautiful community dedicated to guiding women worldwide to be their best, feel + look absolutely radiant & create precious space for themselves.   If you're ready to carve out a self-care plan that...

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Introducing the Luscious Life Mala!

The wonderful Luscious Life Design team is always on the hunt for ways to bring beauty and balance to as many lives as possible. We are avid promoters of good vibes, positivity, and simply making this world the most beautiful place it can be. To us,...


High Vibe Project

If you've been following Luscious Life Design for a while, you'd know it's no secret we are highly dedicated to uplifting the vibes of as many people as possible. We do this via various forms such as mentorship, nutrition advice, bringing awareness to self-love, collaborating...


Who Do You Think You Are?!

Who do you think you are? When was the last time you asked yourself that question? Where are you at with your self-awareness? Are you conscious of who you are? A beautiful friend of mine stayed with me for a few days recently and we chatted a lot about...