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Healthy & Wealthy Mentorship Program

This blog post was written by Luscious Life Design Leader Stephanie Packer RHN ~Calling all LEADERS!~ I just got back from my 3rd annual Lifestyle & Leadership Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah and to say I'm fired up is an absolute understatement. I had the incredible...

09 4 year transformation

The Difference a USANA Lifestyle Can Make

You know when you’re driving a familiar route – perhaps home from work after a long day – and you slip into auto-pilot; You pull into your driveway and can hardly remember the drive itself. Have you ever paused, looked around at your life and...

fresh start

Fresh Start Program

This blog post was written by Luscious Life Design member Jennifer Rimes, RHN One of my favorite things about being a Luscious Life Design ambassador is the amount of support our fellow team members have for each other. We not only support each other in our...


Does FEAR Rule Your Life?

Does FEAR Rule Your Life? Do you understand how crippling and debilitating FEAR really is? I think it's safe to say one of the main reasons why we're not achieving our dreams is because fear keeps us so small and paralyzed. From my observations fear appears...


Summer Skin Saving Tips

Summer is often the best four months of our year, it's where we take time for ourselves, spend our days with our toes in the sand and often where we throw all caution and clothes to the wind. The warm summer months leave us with...


Blending Health and Business

As I'm sure you already know I have a strong passion for nutrition, wellness and helping people discover how some simple healthy changes can make a huge difference in their lives. You may not know that I've teamed up with a group of incredible ladies...